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Frequently Asked Questions for Lottery and Prize Winners

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about our lump sum cash options:

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Our staff of experienced professionals is ready to answer any questions you may have about our lottery payout options. If you have questions about the lumpsum cash option, or are ready to find out how much you can get right now, call Stone Street Capital at 1-800-LUMP-SUM (800-586-7786).

What does the Lump Sum Cash Option Mean?

The Lump Sum Cash Option gives you the ability to turn some or all of your future payments into up-front cash today.

What Types of Prize Winners are Eligible for Lump Sum Cash?

The lump sum cash option is available if you receive future payments from a:

  • State Lottery Prize
  • Multi-State Lottery Prize (i.e. PowerBall / MegaMillions)
  • Contest
  • Casino Slot Jackpot Prize

What Lottery Payout Options are Available?

Whether you are a lottery winner, contest winner, or slot jackpot winner, Stone Street Capital makes getting lump sum cash easy. We offer numerous lottery payout options, including:

  • 0% Quick Cash Loan – Get up to $15,000 with no fees, interest or payments
  • 0% Jumbo Loan – When you need more than $15,000
  • Classic Lump Sum –Convert some or all of your future prize payments into immediate cash.

Do I Have to Sell all of My Payments?

No. In fact many people only sell some of their payments. This allows prize winners the ability to raise the money they need now, and still maintain the security of incoming payments down the road. You can choose the lump sum cash option by converting:

  • The full amount of remaining payments
  • Any number of remaining lottery payments
  • Any percentage of the remaining total lottery payments


Does it Matter Where I Live?

Many states allow for the voluntary assignment of your lottery prize. And under certain circumstances, lottery payments can be assigned in the states that don't have such procedures. Stone Street Capital has the legal and financial resources to get you money where others have failed. To find out more about the regulations that affect you, give us a call at 1-800-LUMP-SUM (800-586-7786).

How Much Can I Get?

Contact us at 1-800-LUMP-SUM (800-586-7786) to find out how much immediate cash you canget for your future payments.

"I am just about to receive my second lump sum for my next 6 payments so I can start my own snow removal business. I wouldn’t consider working
with anyone else."
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