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Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

You can choose a lump sum cash payout on structured settlement payments for your structured settlement payments to:

  • Pay off hospital or medical bills
  • Reduce your debt
  • Pay off credit cards

When you've been hurt, structured settlements are a great way to provide guaranteed income over time. But what happens when things change? Sometimes even the most prepared person needs to access money for structured settlement payments.

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Find out how much money you can get when you sell structured settlement payments.

The Lump Sum Option

When you sell some or all of your structured settlements for cash, you get the money you need now without having to wait. Even though a structured settlement may have been the right choice at the time, life changes fast. There are times you may need to access money to handle unforeseen circumstances that you never could have anticipated at the time of your settlement. Getting a cash payout on structured settlement payments may be your best chance to overcome the financial challenges.

Immediate Cash When You Sell Structured Settlement Payments

You can get money for structured settlement payments resulting from a:

  • Structured Settlement Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice Settlement
  • Wrongful Death Settlement
  • Lawsuit Settlement

Let Us Help You

You may have many questions about the decision to sell structured settlement payments. Like most financial decisions, you need to know the facts before you choose to get cash for structured settlement payments. Our staff of qualified professionals understands your concerns and will guide you through the process - every step of the way.

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"In 3 separate transactions I sold small portions of my payment stream, keeping monthly payments large enough to cover my living and
medical expenses."
- V.H.


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