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Lump Sum Cash for
Structured Settlement

Were you awarded a structured settlement? Do you currently receive your money in periodic payments, a little at a time? With Stone Street Capital’s Lump Sum Cash Option, you can receive cash for structured settlement payouts. If you won a personal injury settlement, why should you be dependent on periodic payments to get the cash you need to get your life back in order? You may have medical bills or want the financial freedom to rebuild your life. Getting cash for a structured settlement is the answer you need.

A lump sum payment gives you another option - giving you the freedom to manage your personal injury settlements in a way that’s comfortable for you. It’s time to take control of your money rather than waiting for the monthly installments from your structured settlement. Our Lump Sum Cash option gives you cash for your structured settlement, for your future benefit.


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If you are still receiving future payments from your structured settlement, now is the time take control of your money with our Lump Sum Cash Option. You can access all or part of your structured settlement without waiting for your future payments to arrive. More information about your personal injury settlement.


One of the best aspects of choosing the lump sum option for your structured settlement is that we can customize the transaction to match your needs. You can take the full value of your personal injury settlement payments up-front or just enough to cover your current needs by selling only a part of your personal injury settlement payments. It’s your choice. Stone Street Capital has helped thousands of people receive a personal injury settlement lump sum.

Even if you first opt for a partial structured settlement lump sum, you can always return later when new needs arise. We can structure a lump sum transaction in many different ways to suit your needs.


Thousands of structured settlement recipients needing a lump sum have turned to Stone Street Capital. Call us today at 1-800 LUMP SUM (800-586-7786) or 1-800 WHY WAIT (800-949-9248) to discuss the Lump Sum Cash Option with us - at no cost or obligation.

Find out how to take control of your structured settlement.

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