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Loan for Lottery Winnings

0% QuickCash Loan

With no need to sell your prize payments, this is not your ordinary lump sum loan option. With the 0% QuickCash Loan, you can get up to $15,000 and enjoy for up to one full year:

  • Zero Interest
  • Zero Payments
  • Zero Need To Sell Your Lottery Prize
  • Zero Hidden Costs

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The 0% QuickCash Loan is the perfect loan to take care of some short term needs. With amounts ranging from $500 to $15,000, why would you take out a high interest loan or credit card?

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today and ask about the 0% QuickCash Loan for Lottery Winnings or any one of our other lump sum loan options.

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0% Jumbo Loan

Loan for Lottery Winnings
Need a more than $15,000? You can get it with Stone Street Capital’s exclusive 0% Jumbo Loan. For up to one full year, you receive:

  • 24 hours turnaround
  • 0% Interest
  • No need to sell your prize

0% Interest Up To One Year

Did you know that even a seemingly small interest rate of 6.9% adds up to big money? If you were to borrow $50,000 at 6.9% for one year, you would pay an extra $3,450 in interest fees! The 0% Jumbo Loan allows you to get as much money as you need at no cost for up to an entire year!

Cash in 24 Hours -- Guaranteed

Call 1-888-NOW-JUMBO (1-888-669-5862) to learn more about our 0% Jumbo Loan or any of our other Lump Sum Loan Options Today!

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"I am just about to receive my second lump sum for my next 6 payments so I can start my own snow removal business. I wouldn’t consider working
with anyone else."
- A.S.


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